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Every dollar you spend is a vote. Business will provide products and services based on how consumers allocate or spend their votes. Future investment in Socially, Environmentally and Economically responsible products and services will depend on which products you vote for.

Ghetto Blanket aims to assess and track the potential Social, Environmental and Economic impacts of each individual Product or Service from Conception to Completion via a User or Company generated Product Profile.

Ghetto Blanket will connect you with the information required to inform your everyday Product and Service purchases by raising your purchasing awareness.

Business is often criticized for unethical or unsustainable practices associated with the supply of a product or service. We understand that Business exists as a result of demand and as such believe that responsible purchasing will result in Socially, Environmentally and Economically responsible supply.

Create an account today and commit yourself to showcasing products and services that are produced as a result of ethical and sustainable demand based on your cause or passions.

Become an advocate for Responsible Purchasing today, by contributing your knowledge of a Product or Services. Openly share fact based information that will assist in providing an overview of the full impact of our daily demands.

Sustainability starts with demand and as such the actions and decisions you make today will impact on tomorrow.